Floral Skirt, Bandana, and Pencil Case

Floral Skirt FrontOn Tuesday afternoon I headed out to Fabricland to purchase a zipper I needed for an upcoming project. While there, I spotted this floral fabric for £4.59 a meter and immediately knew I wanted to make myself a full length skirt.

Floral Skirt BackThe skirt is made from two quarter circle panels with an invisible zip on the side. I think this is the first time I’ve thought ahead when making a skirt and added two inches in length to the back before sewing the panels together. Usually when evening out the hem of a skirt I’ll have to trim down the sides and front, but not this time!

Floral Skirt Hem DetailThis skirt was the first time I’ve ever used a rolled hem sewing machine foot. It was so much easier to use than I thought it would be, and created such a neat hem! I want to use this foot for every single project I make from now on!

Floral Bandana Close UpI thought the skirt would use up almost all of the 3 meters of fabric I bought, but I was wrong. With about 70 centimeters of fabric remaining, I was able to make both a bandana and a pencil case. The bandana was pretty much just an excuse to use my rolled hem foot, as I hardly ever wear bandanas.

The pencil case was a bit fiddly to make. I needed one that would fit all my uni supplies in it, and I wanted it to be fully lined. I didn’t take any pictures of the making process, and it’s difficult to describe how I made it. However, if anyone is interested, I would be happy to make a tutorial on how to make your own.

Airborne Floral Pencil CaseI am extremely happy with everything I made, although I doubt I’ll wear the bandana with any other outfit. The pencil case has already proved very useful and hasn’t fallen apart yet. I want to make about a hundred more half circle skirts with rolled hems, they’re so simple and so comfy!


Grandpa Vicki

vickis hat

My friend’s friend Vicki asked me to make her a hat that said ‘Grandpa Vicki’ on it. I made this one the same way that I make all of the knitted slouchy beanies, but with the addition of a simple pom-pom. If anyone is interested in the basic ideas behind it, I can make a post about them.

grandpa vicki inside of hat

I designed these letters the same way as I did the ‘ANGEL’ hat, using this knitting graph stitch template. I also used the same method to write the letters, and remembered to take a picture of the inside this time!

If you haven’t liked my facebook page yet, you should! I’ve been writing about the cosplays I did for Bournemouth, and I will be posting about my costumes in detail next week!


I have so many things I’m working on right now, and so many pieces of fabric/yarn that I have plans for!

Untitled-1This dress is made out of a whole bunch of fat quarters as well as some suiting fabric for the skirt. It’s one of my pieces that is closest to being complete – all that needs to be done is the hems and all of the hand sewing. My plan for this dress had been to finish it in time for a school dance, but I ended up with only three days to make the entire dress, two of those being school days!

crochet and knit wipI found these projects in a bag in my closet. I don’t think these will ever be finished, and will probably be frogged soon. The cowl is knit, and the doll is crochet, and resembles the fairies from Humanity Has Declined (creepy!).Fabric IdeasThese are pieces of fabric that I have plans for/don’t know what to do with. The fabulous Phineas and Ferb fabric will be made into a dress inspired by a comic book dress I saw online.

The two fabric swatches on the right are from the website Spoonflower. I received both of those swatches during two separate free swatch promotions hosted by Spoonflower. The swatch on the far right is a silky faille swatch of the fabric Chibi Great Ones. I’m not a big fan of how the fabric feels, but I love the adorable Lovecraft based design! I might have to buy more! The fabric swatch right next to it is my own design, Polka Dot Cats! My swatch is printed on Organic Cotton Knit, and I’m really happy with how it came out. I made some small adjustments, and now it’s up for sale as fabric and gift wrap in my Spoonflower Shop!

I’m not sure what to make out of these two swatches, but I think that they would make cute pockets on a skirt or a sweatshirt. However, I do want to buy more of my design and make either a pleated skirt or a dress.

These aren’t all of my works in progress, but these are the ones I don’t think I’ll be finishing very soon. I have a few finished objects that I hope I can get pictures of soon, but there aren’t many good places to take pictures in my house (note the above pictures being taken in front of a door) and there’s so