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  1. Evelyn, I have purchased your laughing cats design on Spoonflower. In the parenthiesis it says it is large size. My question is if you made it in a medium size graphic also. The graphics on the large are a little too big for what I need it for & would love to buy it in a smaller size graphic. Love your stuff.

    • Hello Brenda! Thank you for your interest in my fabric designs! I have a ‘small’ size Laughing Cats fabric available in my Spoonflower shop. The smaller graphic’s cat heads are about an inch tall including the ears. Here is a link to the smaller size, I hope it is an appropriate size for the project you have in mind! I can also create another fabric with a design size in the middle of those two sizes if you wish, but it will take about a week or so before it will be up for sale. Please let me know what you think!

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