Mistake Face Mask with Nose Strip (DIFFERENT SIZES)

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How are these face masks mistakes?

These masks either have a fabric printing error, “ugly” stitching, were made in the wrong size, or they just didn’t sell! All masks are just as effective as any other mask, they’re just not visually up to standard.

Note: The pattern you receive will be completely random, and can be any pattern or solid color currently or previously listed in the shop.

Some are the wrong size?

Yes. I have been commissioned through the “Contact” form on my “About Me” page to make small and large versions of my masks. Smalls are about 1/2″ smaller in width than the “Medium” mask, and Larges have a 8″ elastic on either side.


This is the size that I make the majority of the masks. The mask measures approximately 8″ x 5″ when laid flat and it expands to 8″ at center front. There are two 7″ elastic ear loops on either side, and three pleats in the front that expand the mask to fit the face.

There is a metal strip inside the top of the mask that can be manually molded to the shape of the face.

All items are handmade, so there may be a slight variation in the product you receive.

A cotton mask is used to help protect the spread of disease but are not guaranteed to prevent infection. It is recommended that the mask is washed before its first use, as well as immediately after each use. The masks can be both machine washed and hand washed, although the heat of the machines shortens the lifetime of the mask.

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