Pink Cable Knit


I’ve been doing a lot of projects with time restraints and projects for people, and I decided to take a break from that and make something for fun!


I made knit this hat from a pink yarn so bright it looks like it’s glowing. It was super difficult to photograph and I apologize for the grainy photos. I made up the pattern as I went along, and although it isn’t perfect, I can type up a version of the pattern if anyone wants to make this hat. Let me know if you’re interested!

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Winter Gifts! (Part Two)

I apologize for this post being so late, I did not have all the pictures until recently.

P1010683For Christmas,  my friend Hilary gave me some beautiful red alpaca yarn, which I quickly made into fingerless mittens from this pattern. The pattern was quick and easy to make, and looks beautiful!monkeyIn return, I made Hilary a knitted reversible cowl, called the Boomslang, in dark pink and white yarn (modeled by my sister). This cowl worked up fairly quickly for a cowl but still took quite a bit of time. I’d intended to give her the cowl before winter break, but I ran out of time and instead had to give it to her after break.cupcakeFor my cousin’s birthday on January 13th, I made her a hat! I based it off off of this pattern. I had to heavily modify the pink cupcake shape in order for it to curve properly, and then I ran out of yarn and was unable to make the icing ruffles around the edge, but I’m still pretty happy with how the hat turned out.


Pink Zebra Print Fox

monkeymakesafoxMy sister Adelaide (9) made a fox today with just a little help from me. Here’s what she has to say about it:

“The tail was the hardest part because I had to hand-sew all the way around. He’s made of very soft pink and pink zebra fleece. I used two hand-stitch techniques. I used the ladder stitch to sew him together at the end, and a running stitch for everything else. He was very fun to make and his name is Darth Vader.”

When questioned about his name, Adelaide had this to say:

“I like Star Wars, and Darth Vader is my favorite character!”

This fox was made from a free fox pattern my sister found over at Katie Steuernagle‘s blog, Matsutake.

Pink & Black Tutu



This skirt has three layers of fabric gathered and attached to an elastic waistband.

Crocheted Barefoot Sandals


Triangular barefoot sandals worked in six skeins of six strand embroidery floss.

Made from Gleeful Things’ Goddess Barefoot Sandals pattern.