gunter front

You may recognize this penguin as Gunter from the animated tv show Adventure Time. I made this tiny knitted fellow using thisĀ Adventure Time Gunter Pattern.


I made him for my friend Scott‘s birthday. It was my first time knitting a stuffed animal, and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be, even though I don’t own double point needles and had to make him on regular needles.

gunters pieces

Since I worked him on normal needles, I had to sew up a lot of seams. Luckily, the seams are almost impossible to see on the finished plushy.

gunters feet

I also modified the pattern slightly when I made the feet, and added one row on each toe on accident. I think it worked out fine, and made his toes more distinguishable from each other.

gunter wave

Over all, the pattern was surprisingly easy to knit, and I really like the result. Thanks for reading!

Pink Zebra Print Fox

monkeymakesafoxMy sister Adelaide (9) made a fox today with just a little help from me. Here’s what she has to say about it:

“The tail was the hardest part because I had to hand-sew all the way around. He’s made of very soft pink and pink zebra fleece. I used two hand-stitch techniques. I used the ladder stitch to sew him together at the end, and a running stitch for everything else. He was very fun to make and his name is Darth Vader.”

When questioned about his name, Adelaide had this to say:

“I like Star Wars, and Darth Vader is my favorite character!”

This fox was made from a free fox pattern my sister found over at Katie Steuernagle‘s blog, Matsutake.